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Enhance Energy Efficiency with eShield’s Radiant Barrier

Protecting Homes from Heat Transference

Homeowners that are seeking a dramatic energy upgrade for their home should look no further than eShield® from Ultimate Gutter Guard of Greenville. This unique insulation is the perfect solution your energy efficient needs. eShield® is a radiant barrier insulation type that is designed to reflect heat when it tries to infiltrate homes. This technology is based on NASA’s spacesuit insulation design that’s used to protect astronauts from the harsh environment of outer space. Best of all, this insulation can be placed in your home in a number of ways to cater to your specific needs. Our professionally trained radiant barrier installation experts inspect and identify areas in your attic where energy loss is most problematic. Once the inspection is complete, we’ll go about installing eShield® so you can see a dramatic increase in your home’s energy efficiency. The low-maintenance design ensures that you won’t have to worry about any rodents or other pests nesting in it.

Features & Benefits of Radiant Barrier:

  • Increased Energy Efficiency: Protect your home against the most efficient form of heat transfer to dramatically reduce your heating and cooling bills throughout the entire year. Don’t just slow heat transference, reflect it with our radiant barrier.
  • Low Maintenance: The unique type of insulation that we carry requires no maintenance; you can just set it and forget it. Our radiant barrier also allows vapor to escape due to its permeability rating of 13, which means the growth of mold or mildew is practically a non-issue in your attic system.
  • Fire Resistant: Our eShield® radiant barrier system is designed to be highly resistant to fire to provide homeowners a little more peace of mind than what they would’ve had other more flammable traditional insulation types.

Energy Efficient Radiant Barrier for Homes

Our radiant barrier insulation’s energy-saving capabilities far outweigh those of more traditional attic insulation types, including fiberglass. This is simply because eShield® has high reflectivity and low emissivity values, which means it doesn’t absorb and redistribute heat in to or out of your home. Instead, it reflects it back towards the source of radiation. Radiant barrier is the dramatic insulation upgrade you need in your home if you want to combat heat transfer and high energy usage. This is especially true if you opt for double sided radiant barrier, which works twice as well since it protects against heat infiltration and loss at the same time. Don’t lose any more valuable energy through the roof of your home, instead contact us about having eShield® installed on your home today!