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eShield® Radiant Barrier: Guardian Against Radiant Heat

Reflect the Threat of Electromagnetic Radiation

The processes by which heat transfers into and out of your home aren’t always easy to understand. However, understanding is the first step towards effectively combatting. One of the most complicated forms is radiant heat transfer (radiation). This form of heat transfer takes place is also known as thermal radiation. Heat radiating from an object travels through the space via thermal radiation (infrared radiation) which is a form of electromagnetic radiation. No physical medium is necessary for this type of heat transportation. As the heat travels through space via the spectrum, it does so without heating the air. The radiant heat is only transferred to physical bodies with which it comes into contact. Radiant heat energy can be felt when walking outside on a sunny day. The thermal radiation from the sun is instantly transferred to you. The full explanation of radiant heat transfer can easily become far more complicated but that should suffice for our purposes.

Dramatically Reduce Radiant Heat in Your Home

One of the best ways to prevent radiant heat from negatively impacting your home’s energy efficiency is the installation of eShield® radiant barrier from Ultimate Gutter Guard of Greenville. Radiant barrier insulation effectively protects against radiation because it holds high values in reflectivity and low values in emissivity. Reflectivity is the quality that an object possesses in order to reflect heat rather than absorb it. A common example is the color white, which reflects more heat than it absorbs, therefore, a white outfit will keep you far cooler on a sunny day than a darker colored one. Emissivity is an object’s ability to thermally reemit absorbed heat. The radiant barrier’s high reflectivity and low emissivity keeps it from absorbing and redistributing large amounts of radiant heat. Our eShield® is quoted as stopping more than 97% of radiant heat, meaning that it works efficiently to keep your home cooler.

Outstanding Energy-Saving for Your Home

The radiant barrier system is a highly efficient insulation system that is especially effective when working with a full ensemble of attic insulations. This is because your home is subjected to more than just one type of heat transfer. Other types include conduction and convection, both of which require different methods of insulation in order to effectively reduce energy costs. Most homes are already equipped with at least fiberglass batts and foam board insulations. Unfortunately, you are most likely only missing our radiant barrier insulation that’s used to counteract radiant heat transfer. Complete your insulation system today by contacting us about our radiant barrier insulation system.