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What is Radiant Barrier & How Can it Help?

The Reason You Need Radiant Barrier Attic Insulation

One of the most important investments you can make for your home is an upgrade in attic insulation. Equipping your home with proper insulation is paramount if you want to avoid terribly high energy bills and severe discomfort in your home. In order to help you avoid these consequences, we’ve chosen to carry unique attic insulation at Ultimate Gutter Guard of Greenville that reflects heat transfer. It’s not traditional fiberglass batts or insulating foam board; it’s radiant barrier insulation. Radiant barrier is based on the same space-aged technology that NASA uses in their spacesuits, meaning it’s reliable enough to protect astronauts from the drastic temperatures changes in deep space. It works on the principles of reflectivity and emissivity with high and low values, respectively.

Why Reflecting Heat is Important

When heat transfer isn’t reflected or sufficiently blocked, it still takes place but at a slower rate. Granted, this does save some energy but it doesn’t fully protect your home. Combining our radiant barrier system with traditional fiberglass and foam boards provides a complete system. The reason the other two systems are still necessary is because of the specific type of transfer they protect against. Fiberglass insulation systems slow down the process of heat transference by trapping it in millions of tiny fibers. This still allows heat to enter and exit your home, but at a slower rate. Fortunately, where fiberglass systems fail, radiant barrier systems succeed by reflecting the radiant heat that tries to enter via the roof. This means you no longer have to worry about heat finding its way in through that path. Our eShield® system doesn’t prevent all forms of heat transfer but it does prevent more than 97% of radiant heat, which is the most efficient form.

Professional Attic Insulations Providing Energy Efficiency

At Ultimate Gutter Guard of Greenville, our energy experts are professionally trained to locate and address the areas of your attic where radiant barrier can be the most beneficial. We waste no effort in making your home a haven for energy efficiency. The best practice is to combine our radiant barrier with other insulation types to dramatically improve the overall efficiency of your home. However, radiant heat transfer should be a primary concern since it is widely known as the most efficient form of heat transfer. To learn more about the wonders of eShield®, contact us today for your free consultation.