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Have a Grander Bathing Experience with Custom Shower Bases

Rid Yourself of Despair with a Replacement Shower Base

A bathroom’s beauty is only as strong as the primary bathing space. For instance, a worn, outdated shower base can easily be the scourge that brings down your entire bathroom. Not only is it dreadful to look at, it can also be a source for leaks. It’s for this reason that homeowners need to make sure that their shower base is up to date and leak-proof. At Ultimate Gutter Guard of Greenville, we make this easy by providing high-quality and affordable replacement shower bases. Everyday wear and tear is instantly like grime, stains, cracks, etc. are instantly removed with a new shower base installation. Our custom-made shower bases are quickly installed so you can start enjoying a beautiful new shower in as little as a day.

Features & Benefit of Replacement Shower Bases

  • Affordability: Our shower bases are highly affordable and require far less labor than a full shower installation. Our simple process only requires replacing your existing shower base with a beautifully finished new one.
  • Strength & Durability: Our shower bases are made with the highest quality materials and latest thermoforming technology that’s resistant to scratches, chips, fading, staining, and other every day wear and tear.
  • Beauty & Variety: Your shower base can be beautifully crafted to suit your personal tastes since we offer a large variety of colors and patterns from which you can choose.
  • Low-Maintenance: The non-porous acrylic our shower bases use is infused with Silver Shield™ antimicrobial protection to increase their resistance to mold, mildew, bacteria, and other microbes. Cleaning your shower requires little more than a damp, soapy washcloth.
  • Custom-Built: We take precise measurements of your existing shower space to ensure a perfectly watertight installation. The custom-design leaves no room for ill-fitting areas for gaps and leaks.

Local Experts Performing Premier Shower Remodels

The local bathroom experts from Ultimate Gutter Guard of Greenville are professionally trained to bring your home the beautiful bathroom it deserves. Our design experts help you create the perfect showering space for a wonderful bathing experience. Our replacement shower bases are custom-made using the exact measurements of your existing shower. This ensures a flawless, watertight fit. In addition to the custom build, we also have a large variety of colors and patterns available so you can create a beautiful new bathroom all your own. Find out more about how we make your dream bathroom become a reality by contacting us today for your free consultation.