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Remove Bathing Barriers with Accessible Showers

Enjoy a Worry-Free Showering Experience Today

Many homeowners experience accessibility issues in the shower but aren’t quite ready to give up their showering freedom. The experts here at Ultimate Gutter Guard of Greenville understand this, which is why we offer our high-quality accessibility products. Our showering accessibility products are designed to help break down the bathing barriers you face every day by removing high-sided boundaries from your shower. We have barrier-free showers that make access exceptionally easy by creating an entrance that’s flush with the floor. Our design utilizes a gentle incline that keeps water from leaking onto the floor of your bathroom. We also have a tub-to-shower conversion that’s perfect for those with a tub or tub/shower combo. We’ll transform your high-sided bathing space into an easily accessible shower that gives you peace of mind when bathing.

Remove the Boundaries from Your Bathroom

Create a boundless showering environment by having a barrier-free shower installed in your bathroom. This installation creates an entrance that’s flush with your bathroom floor, plus, it has a gentle incline that prevents water from running out of the showering space. This accessibility remodel is perfect for homeowners with issues balancing on one foot to enter over any type of threshold. Additionally, the flush entrance allows wheelchair accessibility without the aid of anyone else. The barrier-free design grants bathing independence to those of any ability.

Tub-to-shower conversions are fantastic for homeowners that have found themselves in a situation in which having a bathtub or tub/shower combo is no longer a viable option due to the dangers of stepping over a high-sided tub. This provides you with an economic way to purge your bathroom of the dangers that a high-sided tub presents. A newly implemented shower can give you an easy, low-threshold access bathing space that you’ll love for years to come. Best of all, our tub-to-shower conversions can be enhanced to grant greater accessibility with a barrier-free design.

Accessible Showering Spaces with Barrier-Free Installation

A barrier-free installations provides homeowners with much more than just appeal and beauty in their bathrooms. They also create a safer way to have a rejuvenating showering experience. Our barrier-free showers and tub-to-shower conversions remove the threat of tripping over a high-side tub entrance. They even provide access for those that require the use of a wheelchair. At Ultimate Gutter Guard of Greenville, we want homeowners to continue enjoying their bathing independence, regardless of physical limitations. This is why we carry our large variety of accessibility products that provide peace of mind and beauty. Stop fearing a fall in your bathroom today by contacting us to schedule a free consultation about restoring your bathing independence.