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Renew Your Bathroom with a Satisfying Shower Remodel

Serene New Showering Spaces for Homes

Better home living can be achieved with a simple bathroom remodel. The quality of your bathing space plays a large role in how you enjoy your home. Unfortunately, this part of the home is often overlooked when it comes to home remodeling. This is partly due to homeowners not understanding its true value and thinking that a bathroom remodel is too expensive.

At Ultimate Gutter Guard of Greenville, we do away with such doubts and obstacles by providing affordable bathroom solutions that focus on getting your bathroom back on track. Our shower remodels are one of the most requested solutions we have as they provide your shower with improved aesthetics and functionality. By focusing on remodeling with replacement shower bases and shower liners, we ensure that you will continue to enjoy stepping into the shower for years. Best of all, our products are custom-made to ensure a perfect, leak-proof fit.

Shower Remodel Products

  • Replacement Shower Bases: Our custom-made shower bases use the highest quality acrylic to provide you with a durable, leak-proof installation that will look great for years. They are finished with a beautiful high-gloss coat, plus, they’re available in several colors and patterns to complement the existing aesthetic of your bathroom.
  • Shower Liners: One of these can instantly renew the condition of any shower by enveloping it in elaborate designs and patterns. We also have several colors available to grant your shower a beautiful new custom look.

Variety & Expertise for Shower Remodels

The expertise we provide with regards to bathroom remodeling has led to exceptional shower remodels in and surrounding areas. We employ only the most experienced installers and carry products that are of the highest quality. Our process involves taking precise measurements of your showering space to ensure an absolute fit. We custom-manufacture your new liner using high-quality acrylic to ensure enduring strength and durability. Our range of colors and patterns give homeowners the chance to create a beautiful new look for their bathroom. Additionally, our acrylics are infused with Silver Shield® anti-microbial technology to fight off any mold, mildew, or other microbes and bacteria. To learn more about the beauty our shower remodeling can bring to your home, contact us today for a free consultation.