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Low Threshold Bath Entrance with Walk-in Tubs

Keep Your Bathing Independence with Low Step-in Access

One of the most prevalent in-home threats is suffering a fall in the bathroom, which can often be a result of tripping over a high-sided tub while entering or exiting. At Ultimate Gutter Guard of Greenville, we want to help homeowners avoid a tragic fall by providing our line of high-quality accessibility products. Our walk-in tubs and step-through inserts are especially effective at eliminating the high-sided threat of your standard tub wall by replacing it with the luxury of a low step-in entrance. Eliminating this threat grants homeowners the confidence to bathe independently without worrying about suffering a debilitating fall.

Confidently Bathe with Walk-in Accessibility

Walk-in tubs are largely considered the standard when it comes to accessible bathing. They provide homeowners with the total package of a low-threshold entrance, full soak tub, and hydrotherapy. The low-threshold entrance is complemented by a leak-proof door that makes entering and exiting the tub a safe and process since no water can leak through it when the tub is filled. Fully immersing your body into the tub provides a relaxing experience while the hydrotherapy jets work their rejuvenating wonders. Any joint and muscle pains that may plague you will instantly be soothed. No other experience comes close to the one provide by this beautiful bathing apparatus.

If you’re on tighter budget but still have similar needs, our wonderfully affordable step-through inserts are the perfect solution. These custom-made inserts are designed to match each individual bath we remodel. Our bath design experts take the necessary measurements of your existing tub so we can craft the perfect form fitting insert. Once your new insert is installed, you will be granted the low step-in access you need for comfortable bathing. Our step-through inserts can be further customized when you choose from our large variety of color options. This means that your new insert can complement or match the style of your tub and bathroom.

Access Your Bath with Low-Threshold Installations

A new low-threshold installation for your remodeled bathroom is perfect for helping you retain your bathing independence in stylish fashion. Our experts at Ultimate Gutter Guard of Greenville do their absolute best to fit your bathroom with an accessible bathing option that meets your needs. Our walk-in tubs can bring you the therapeutic spa-like experience you’ve always wanted or our more affordable step-through insert can grant a stylish new look and accessible entrance to your existing tub. Let our trusted installers take the fear out bathing in your home. Just contact us about our low-threshold bathing options to get started.