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Superior Design with a Four Piece Gutter System

Innovative Design for Quality & Durability

At Ultimate Gutter Guard of Greenville, we carry a gutter system whose innovative design provides a high-quality rainwater management system unlike any other. The low-maintenance, clog-free design ensures that homes remain protected from the damaging effects of rainwater throughout the year. The K-Guard design uses liquid adhesion as the base principle of operation in order to continually redirect water without leaves and other debris clogging the gutter trough. The functionality, strength, and durability of the system is ensured by its four-piece composition. The four parts consist of the hood, gutter, internal hangers, and downspouts. Each component plays a significant role in creating one of the most effective rainwater management systems on the market.

Four Parts Perfecting a Whole System

  • Curved Hood: This component is placed directly over the top of the gutter. The principle of liquid adhesion keeps water flowing along the surface area of the hood into the gutter. Meanwhile, any leaves and debris fall harmlessly to the ground.
  • Gutter: This is the most important component of the system and acts as the channel through which rainwater travels to be redirected away from your home. The full size 5” gutters we use are capable of handling the heaviest of rainfalls without overflowing.
  • Downspouts: The oversized downspouts of the K-Guard system are an integral piece of the design. Due to the large size, they can expediently disperse rainwater to an area far away from the perimeter of your home. The 3×4” design makes them capable of handling heavy water flow and flush out small debris that may inadvertently sneak into the system.
  • Hangers: The internal hanging brackets are the linchpin of the system as they completely support the gutter and curved hood. This keeps the gutter and hood from ever touching your roof, allowing the warranty to remain intact. The hangers are screwed directly into your fascia board from where they fully support the entire gutter system.

Professional Installation & Quality Gutters

K-Guard’s four-piece design ensures that our system is low-maintenance and strong but the installation done by the experts at Ultimate Gutter Guard of Greenville also plays an important role. A poor installation can cause numerous issues with the entire system, resulting in damage to your home. These issues can range from an exposed fascia and roof to sagging gutters. Our installers make certain that these are never an issue with any of our installations. Our strong belief in accountability and delivering the highest quality with regards to products and service has made us one of the most trusted sources for gutter installations in . Contact us today to learn more about how our K-Guard gutter system can instantly better your home.