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About Ultimate Gutter Guard Greenville

Outstanding Home Protection with Gutter Systems

Manage Rainwater at Your Home with K-Guard

One of the best gutter protection systems you can have attached to your home is K-Guard from Ultimate Gutter Guard of Greenville. Our gutter system has a unique design that gives it the ability to shed leaves and other types of debris to remain clog-free. The debris shedding cover ensures that the oversized gutter trough remains consistently free of any obstructions. This allows the gutter system to continue redirecting rainwater away from your home.

Our gutters work on the principle of liquid adhesion, which dictates that the water adhere to the surface of the hood. The water follows along the surface of the cover until it reaches a gap at the face of the gutter system where it pours into the trough. Once inside the trough, the rainwater is directed away from your home as it flows through the channels of your gutter system. Redirecting rainwater away from your home is imperative to keeping it safe from water damage. It’s the high-importance of rainwater redirection that makes our high-quality K-Guard gutters essential to your home.

Features & Benefits of K-Guard Gutters:

  • Four-Piece Design: The four components that make up our highly effective gutter system are the hood, gutter, downspouts, and hangers. The parts combine to form the perfect rainwater management system.
  • Maintenance Free: The debris-shedding cover ensures that your gutters remain clog-free so you never have to dig your hands through gutter gunk ever again.
  • Superior Strength: K-Guard’s patented bracket system is made from all-weather polymers to give them superior strength that is capable of fully supporting the hood and gutters. They provide enhanced structural integrity for the system to keep it from sagging or pulling away.
  • Durability: The K-Guard gutters system utilizes heavy-duty aluminum and holds a strong resistance to corrosion. Plus, the finish coatings are composed to last well over 20 years.
  • Attractive: The smooth curvature at the face and corners with which our gutters are designed give them an attractive quality so they can match or complement the architecture of your home.

Gutter Beauty in Reliability for Homes

The K-Guard gutter system is designed to provide homeowners with peace of mind when it comes to protecting their homes from the ravages of rainwater. At Ultimate Gutter Guard of Greenville, we understand that water is a great threat to homes. It’s because of this understanding that we’ve chosen to carry one of the most reliable gutter systems in the industry. In addition to the upgrade in rainwater management, you’ll also receive and upgrade in beauty with K-Guard. Invest in a clog-free gutter system that works by contacting us today for a free consultation.