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Double-Hung Windows Greenville

Beautiful Stylings with Replacement Windows

Invest in Your Home’s Style with the Right Windows

The thing to remember about replacing the windows of your home is that there are many choices when it comes to window styles. The style of windows you choose is very important because they can dictate the flow of your entire home. Some window styles are best suited for larger homes while others are better for the smaller ones. Proper placement can also be determined by window style, for instance, larger windows with more daylighting may not be suitable areas with a lot of exposure to the sun. Our window experts at Ultimate Gutter Guard of Greenville homeowners determine which styles are best for their homes. Our brief overview of some our more popular window styles can help expedite the window selection process.

Multiple Window Styles for Unique Designs:

  • Double-Hung Windows: This style is among the most popular as it’s highly versatility and easy to operate. It can look great on homes of any style, which has made it mostly standard for modern homes. The double tilt-in feature is also quite alluring to homeowners since it takes the effort out of cleaning them.
  • Single-Hung Windows: Similar in shape and versatility to the double-hung, the single-hung is largely applicable in the same way. However, there are some key functional differences that affect various aspects of its applicability. The key difference is it has only one moveable sash.
  • Casement Windows: This style was the “go-to” style prior to double and single-hung windows. By operating on vertically placed hinges, they open outward in a swinging fashion. The hand crank allows the window form a tighter seal with the frame when it’s closed.
  • Bow & Bay Windows: These great options add more character to homes by utilizing their larger size and unique construction to create a sense of regality exhibited in the curb appeal. They also create additional interior space with their arched design.
  • Sliding Windows: This style of window is similar in operation to a sliding patio door. They operate on a horizontal railing system, making them easy to open and close. This window style is great for placing in spaces with limited vertical range of motion.

Add Style with Custom Replacement Windows

The above window styles are highly popular due to their versatility and standardized beauty, however, we also have a couple of windows with a more specialized design. Awning windows operate similarly to casements except the hinges are at the top of the frame. This characteristic gives them the ability to open outward, forming an awning-like structure. Awning windows are great for letting in natural airflow on a rainy day. We also have garden windows, which are constructed of five glass panes that form a box-like structure that extends beyond the side of your home. This provides extra shelving space in which you can set plants. Garden windows are great for natural lighting and the sides can open to provide ventilation. To learn more about the window styles we offer, contact us today for a free consultation.