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The Finer Details: Soffit, Trim, & Other Decorative Accents

Implementing Finer Touches to Create a Masterpiece

Having a replacement siding job performed on your home requires several different considerations such as color, style, and type. However, many homeowners fail to also take into account finer details like the soffit, trim, and other decorative accents. These aspects are very important if you want to create a concise and complementary look for your home. At Ultimate Gutter Guard of Greenville, we carry a multitude of options regarding these elements so homeowners can create a masterpiece out of their home’s architecture. Our options for your soffit, which is the underside of the eave overhang, and trim accents include soffit crown molding, lineals, and beaded corners. Each of these elements are important to increasing the curb appeal and character of your home.

Beauty Found in Siding Details

Our many soffit options for homes provide homeowners with the ability to fully adjust and complement this very important facet of their home’s exterior. The soffits we carry are highly regarded for the superior strength they provide, with some being as much as 20% thicker than traditional soffits. The increased thickness helps prevent sagging and aids in its ability to thrive in high wind areas. Another great benefit is that our products use advanced techniques such as lancing to help maximize allotted airflow and increase their visual appeal.

Our trim options range from crown molding for your soffit to lineals that can help frame the outline of your windows. Crown moldings help present your home’s finer details with a cleaner, well-thought out design. The lineals we carry can easily create a crisp, beautiful look for the shape of your windows that help it blend with the visual aspects of your siding. We also have three-piece beaded corners that can add a great deal more to your home’s visual composition. Choosing not to pay attention to these details causes your replacement siding to look more like an afterthought instead of a planned design.

Beautiful Siding Accent Options

At Ultimate Gutter Guard of Greenville, our siding accents and soffit options are available in a variety of styles and colors perfect for complementing your home. These options range from our traditional Charter Oak® line to the supremely strong SuperSpan™ line. No matter what type of accent you’re looking for, we have the solution. Our trim options of lineals, soffit crown molding, and beaded corners work wonderfully to pull together the entire look of your home. Turn your home into a masterpiece of architecture by contacting us today to learn more about our siding accents.