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Deck Repair and Maintenance

Front Door Deck

So winter has gone away and won’t be back for quite some time. Now that spring is in full bloom, many people turn to outdoor activities to make the most out of the lovely weather. Homeowners take this opportunity to entertain guests or simply spend some more time with their families in their outdoor areas. And usually, all of this action happens on your home’s deck.

But before you get excited with all the barbecue planning, you should first make sure your deck is in shape to host all your soirees. For that, you need to make deck maintenance and repair a top priority. Here are some key methods in order to achieve that:
  • Hire a professional with a keen eye for cracked wood, weak spots, or mold growth.
  • If your deck is over a decade old, you may need to consider repairs.
  • Make sure your deck is safe for little kids. You may even want to consider adding safety gates with child-proof locks.
  • Clean your deck with a good pressure wash and scrub. Rinse and seal afterwards.
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