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Reasons for Greenville Homeowners to Get Gutters

Protect Your Home from Costly Water Damage

Gutter systems are designed to divert water run-off from rain from your home. However, all gutters are not created equal. The Ultimate Gutter Guard gutter protection system is a clog-free, and maintenance free gutter system that is guaranteed for a lifetime. They come in an array of colors so that they will be able to protect and complement any home. Having a gutter system on your home is very important, and we’ll tell you why.

Your Foundation

The primary contributing factor for slab failure is expanding and contracting soils around the home. During the rainy season, the soil around your home can become saturated with moisture. This causes the soil to expand. When the soil dries out, it contracts again. This expanding and contracting can lead to cracks in the foundation and masonry of your home. Having a gutter system installed on your home can divert the water run-off from your roof and help to protect your foundation.

Staining of Siding and Masonry

Heavy rains cascading off of an un-guttered roof can hit the ground with tremendous force causing splash back on the side of your home. This splash back can contain water, dirt, minerals, grass, and other debris, which over time can stain your siding or masonry. A gutter system can help prevent this from happening.

Damage to Landscaping

The landscaping around your home that is located underneath the drip line of your roof can suffer damage if you do not have a gutter system. Sever water run-off after a thunderstorm can disturb flowers, shrubs, ornamental trees, and mulch. And, too much moisture in the soil can lead to fungus and unwanted insects. A gutter system can take the water run-off away from your home and prevent damage to your landscaping.

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