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Prepare for Your Spring Home Maintenance Tasks Now

home maintenance tasks in preparation for spring The winter elements are still present to date and there is still lots of time before spring comes. Nonetheless, it does not imply that preparing for the new season should wait until it arrives. Doing some home maintenance tasks in preparation for spring is useful.  Below are some plans that could get you going.

  • – Make sure that the lawn and garden is ready for growing new plants and taking care of your current foliage. Research on what soil is best to use in your area as well as the most suitable fertilizers for your plants.
  • – Schedule a time to inspect the roof and gutters for any possible needed repairs. Just make sure that there is no snow or ice in sight that can cause accidents.
  • – Your doors and windows are probably sealed tight for the winter. This will not be the case during spring, especially on good weather. Go around the house and check for tears or rips then fix accordingly.

Source: Realty Light Post