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Top Spring Landscaping Tips

LandscapingWhat better way to welcome spring than by making our outdoors, particularly our landscapes, attractive and inviting by making sure our blooms are beautiful and our foliage green and healthy. But if you want to make your landscape even more stunning, you may want to apply some of these top landscape gardening tips:

  • Add more depth to your yard. Create a border of taller trees along the outside perimeter of your property and plant smaller trees and flowering shrubs toward the front of the yard.
  • Find the right balance. Remember, too many plants can result in a lack of style and a cluttered mess. But too few plants may reveal too much of a home’s foundation and look sparse.
  • Give room for your plants to grow. It is a common mistake to plant shrubs too close when they are young and not consider their future size when spacing them apart.
  • Consider hiring a professional landscaper. They have years of experience that you don’t have and can help you get what you want without you having to get dirty.